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In an extreme emergency please call 911, your physician or go to the nearest emergency center. These need to be extreme!

If you have an orthodontic emergency, please call our office to schedule an emergency appointment. When you call us, you allow us to create time to see you, if necessary. Dr. Warren's home phone number is listed in the phone directories and on your appointment card.

Other non emergency related problems:

Brace Discomfort or soreness: If your teeth are tender after your visit, you may use Advil, Tylenol or other over the counter pain reliever to help alleviate the initial soreness or swelling. Rinsing with warm salt water can also help to ease your pain and help keep your mouth clean.

Lost Separators: Call the office to have the separator replaced as soon as possible. Meanwhile follow the instructions given to you at our office and use a small piece of a clean rubberband to replace the separator.

Wire Irritation: Push in the wire with a cotton swab or a pencil erasor. If this cannot be done, then cover the problem wire with othrodontic wax or cotton to protect your tougue, cheek or lips.

Please, if you have any questions regarding anything you think is painful or unusual, call us. We want to help!








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